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Elaine or "Lainey" to her friends was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2017. 

"I lost my hair, my nails, my holiday with my friends, my mind and sometimes my patience. What I didn't lose was my sense of humour and my positive attitude."

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Jennie has also had to struggle with the grief of losing her partner during her treatment for breast cancer.

"My first visit to Christie's was also the first time I was directed to Maggie's and from the very start it became a vital lifeline for me and still is. There I could talk to staff and volunteers, not just about my illness but also about the loss of my partner and best friend who had been diagnosed with cancer 10 months before me."




Diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer, Joanna from Shropshire, has undergone extensive and complex surgery at the Christie Hospital.

"I am now enjoying a healthy life again which is incredible given my diagnosis. This is down to the skill of the medical team and surgeons at the Christie.  I now feel as if I have a lifeline instead of a life sentence. Maggie's have always made me very welcome . I love the design of the centre itself  especially the conservatory."




Julie has had cancer twice, first breast cancer in 2006 followed by bowel cancer in 2016.

" I am normally a confident person but treatment has left me with with a negative body image, I sometimes struggle to feel attractive . Taking part in the fashion show as a model is just the push I need."





Linda was in total shock when three years ago she was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer. 

"Treatment was very complex due to the location of the cancer I had  to have a special mask made and a tattoo dot.

People sometimes ask me why you?  My reply is simple, Why not me? When i read about taking part in the fashion show I thought - Why not me?"



Marcellle was diagnosed with kidney cancer when blood was found in a routine urine sample.

" i was the first patient to have a tumour removed from a kidney by the DaVinci Robot.  It all thankfully went to plan although the initial diagnosis was traumatic and hard to accept. The outcome has been far more positive than I could ever have imagined. "

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Marian lost both her parents to cancer, firstly her mother to lung cancer in 1986 and more recently, her father to oesophageal carcinoma in June 2017.

" Maggie's on the Runway will take place just over a week after the first anniversary of losing my dad.  I want to get involved to show my support for the fabulous Maggie's Centre." 




Pam was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 after she found a lump whilst showering.

" I had mixed emotions when I finished my treatment as it had become a way of life for me. My daughter Olivia, accompanied me to all my appointments and has been my rock throughout." 






Paula has racked up over 30 bouts of chemotherapy during her treatment  for bowel cancer which has now spread to her lungs.

"I want to help and inspire other people living with cancer and encourage them to be positive like me."




Pain in her left arm was a sign that something was wrong for Sarah-Jane. Two weeks before her 40th birthday in 2015 she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"I have had a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy . This was followed by a oophorectomy ( removal of the ovaries) and some extremely hardcore medication  I have lost teeth, have arthritis and also lymphoma.

I want to feel special for a day and be pampered whilst showing people that life goes on after cancer and you just have to find the new you."