In 2016 we were very lucky to have the gorgeous Kellyanne as part of our model team. Her beauty and sunny smile stood out amongst any crowd and her husband Jamie and 2 year old daughter Freya were often there at rehersals egging her on. 
Kellyanne was one of the proudest mums ever and she suggested to us that we should think about having a parent and child catwalk next time and that she would definitely be back with her lovely Freya.

Last August tragedy struck and we lost our beautiful Kellyanne. We were devestated beyond words.

Coming to terms with the loss of such a wonderful young lady has been very hard for us all, so when we started planning MOTR#2, a certain person came to mind and we are delighted to welcome a very gorgeous young lady onto the Concorde Catwalk in June. Freya who is now 4yrs old and our youngest model will be there with her daddy and they will be recreating a very special memory together.....

Here is Jamie's story:



"My story is about my late wife Kellyanne who was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2014 just 4 months after the birth of our daughter Freya. Following emergency surgery, we were told it had been found in time however, she would require chemotherapy and a stoma in place until the treatment was concluded
Once she recovered from the surgery, the chemotherapy began, 12 sessions over 6 months which ended up being over 9 months including numerous occasions where we had to rush to A&E. When the chemo finally finished, we thought all the worry was over although she had to have more scans etc to explore reversing the stoma. We were looking forward to getting on with our lives. Unfortunately, the scan revealed that the tumour had spread to her ovaries so further major surgery would be required, but again the long- term outlook still seemed positive. It was at this point we were told we couldn't have any more children. This was a real blow, as it was something that had been keeping us going - the thought of adding to our family.
The surgery was a success and we were told there was no need for chemo at this point so again we went through the long recovery period of the surgery and day by day pulled our lives back together. Then came the dreaded scan date. The scans picked up a number of polyps forming again in the lower bowel which the doctors were concerned could turn cancerous. So, yet another major surgery to look forward to and a procedure where Kel was basically given a short but powerful session of chemo during the surgery. Then it seemed like it was finally over, the biopsy came back and there was no evidence of cancer. I worked out the dates and was so excited as it had now been over a year since Kel’s diagnosis and I truly felt she had finally fought it off as I always imagined she would do
We made plans, put our house on the market and put an offer in on a new house nearer friends and family and decided that we could potentially still grow our family by adopting. Everything was progressing well - we were even booking holidays! 
Then disaster struck again, I walked in from work one day and went into the kitchen and Kel just blurted out that the doctors had called - the cancer was back but it was only in her leg this time so I wasn’t to worry. I remember us saying thank god its only in the leg - worst case scenario we can just chop it off. I think that just shows how much we'd been through to be so flippant about such a potentially life changing event
Then Kel’s health once again started to worryingly deteriorate and on the way back from a holiday in Crete I had to rush her to hospital as she was in such pain. Still oblivious to the situation, my heart sank as the doctors walked over to Kel’s bed and pulled the curtain around to cover us. I remember starting to argue with them asking them to stop focusing on pain relief and sort out the cancer. The doctor who was clearly upset told us that it wasn't possible and Kel only had around 3 years left to live. After dealing with the shock and coming to terms with what we had been told, we agreed to keep living as we had been, to get the most out of every day and enjoy every minute we could with our daughter Freya. 
Kel’s health steadily deteriorated and she passed away surrounded by everyone who loved her. She fought so hard every day to be with Freya and I think she lived at least 6 months longer that she would have done had she not been so determined to continue being the great mum she was in spite of everything
Kel was the kindest and strongest person I have ever known. She was my family and we made the most beautiful little girl together. I promised Kel that I would give Freya the life we planned for her and that I wouldn't let this tragic situation ruin Freya's childhood. 
Kel was one of the stars of the Maggie's on the Runway 2016 and it will be one of the proudest moments of my life when I walk with my daughter down the Runway and share such a special moment where she can follow in her Mummy's footsteps.
Life is to short to let the dark times dominate your life. Freya and I are going to live our lives with a positive outlook and get the very most we can from it. I'm not sure what happens after our lives are over but I know what Kel wanted from me and that is to make sure Freya has the best life I can possibly give her. I can't wait to strut down the catwalk with her and we are already practising our walks and our blue steel poses."